Diaspora Conversation is an on-going dialogue between peoples and societies. 

We belief identity and power are directly related to dialogue and recognition. The concept of Diaspora Conversations therefore is knowledge-exchange and to contribute to a broad understanding of the complexity of our time.

The African Diasporas self-perception and understanding of its environment is different from the picture painted and highlighted by the traditional media. The African diaspora is not a minority group and yet the decisive factor of its members' citizenship is their country of origin not where they are resident.

Conversation between peoples, societies, 

and cultures is a necessity in the search of knowledge. 

Knowledge to create the skills necessary for an inclusive and sustainable development requires a       perspective that sees knowledge as on-going human activity in all societies, civilizations, and 

groups of people. This approach, we believe, requires a knowledge exchanged approach based on a lively dialogue that take nothing for granted.


How culture transforms in time and space